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He wasn’t your typical western hero. Instead of a gun, Bat Masterson Preferred His cane and His wits.

Bat Masterson was a western television show that aired from 1958 to 1961 and it was loosely based on a real man named Bat Masterson who became a legend during the 1880s.
“Back when the west was very young,
There lived a man named Masterson;
He wore a cane and a derby hat,
They called him Bat, Bat Masterson.”

And so goes the introductory song to this classic western television series.
Bat Masterson was different from other TV western heroes of the time because he did not win his fights using a gun. Instead, he was a gentlemanly type who preferred to use his brains and gold-tipped cane for protection.
Gene Barry starred as the charming Masterson who roamed the western countryside, and had a way with the women everywhere he went. Masterson’s trademark outfit was a black derby, gold-tipped cane and fancy vest. He looked like he belonged in the East instead of the West. Nevertheless, he had a personality that women found irresistible and he always managed to outwit his opponents.
Of course the television version of “Bat Masterson” is more legend than fact when compared to the real William Barclay “Bat” Masterson, but what do you expect from a western? It’s the legend that makes it so interesting!

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