Big Jake

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DirectorGeorge Sherman
Key CastJohn Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Richard Boone, Patrick Wayne, Christopher Mitchum, Bruce Cabot
MPAA RatingPG-13
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Action
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John Wayne is “Big Jake”

After his grandson is kidnapped, there’s only one man who can really get him back —“Big Jake.” (John Wayne)
He has been away from his wife and family for almost 18 years. His sons barely know him. His wife, Martha McCandles (Maureen O’Hara), has been managing the family ranch quite well without him. But now they are in trouble and the family needs his help.
Outlaw John Fain (Richard Boone) and his gang attacked the McCandles ranch, killed several workers and kidnapped McCandles’ grandson, Little Jake (Ethan Wayne). Fain left a note demanding $1 million in ransom or they will kill the boy.
The Texas Rangers are immediately called in, but as far as Martha McCandles is concerned, there is only one person who she believes she can trust to handle the money and the situation – her estranged husband, “Big Jake” (John Wayne) – a tough man who is larger-than-life, knows the territory and savvy with a gun.
Big Jake sets out to rescue his grandson with his sons James (Patrick Wayne), Michael (Christopher Mitchum), Jeff (Bobby Vinton) and an old Indian scout friend named Sam Sharpnose (Bruce Cabot). Although the Texas Rangers are involved, Big Jake McCandles has his own way of dealing with the kidnappers and his sons (who harbor some resentment against him for leaving).
The dangerous journey leads them all to Mexico to face the fiendish Fain and his gang.

• After its release, “Big Jake” received some criticism from longstanding John Wayne fans because of the amount of violence shown in the film. This is because John Wayne movies did not typically have a lot of screen bloodshed. However, when “Big Jake” was made, the western genre was beginning to change and more graphic screen violence was becoming the norm.
• Three of John Wayne’s sons were involved in the production and making of “Big Jake.” His son, Michael Wayne, was the producer. Wayne’s son, Patrick Wayne, actually plays his son in the film. (He is James McCandles.) And the role of the kidnapped grandson, Little Jake, is actually John Wayne’s son, Ethan Wayne. This was the second film that Ethan Wayne performed in with his father John Wayne. Ethan Wayne’s first role was a small part in the western film “Rio Lobo.” By the time Patrick Wayne starred in “Big Jake” with his father, he had been in a number of other movies and television shows, including some with his dad such as “The Comancheros”, “The Alamo”, and “McLintock.”
• John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara have starred in five movies together, three of them westerns. This movie, “Big Jake”, was the last movie that they made with each other. The other four John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara films are:
∙ Rio Grande
∙ McLintock!
∙ The Quiet Man
∙ The Wings of Eagles
• Bobby Vinton plays Jake’s son, Jeff McCandles, in this movie. Vinton is most well-known as a singer who has had a number of hit records. During his career, Vinton is credited with performing in seven movies and television shows, with “Big Jake” being one of his few movie roles.
• “Big Jake” was filmed on location in Mexico, with many of the scenes being filmed in Durango, Mexico.


Big Jake DVD

“Big Jake” stars John Wayne as James McCandles, a tough, smart cowboy that has been summoned back home by his wife because their grandson has been kidnapped. Maureen O’Hara co-stars in this western as his wife and the famous cast also includes Richard Boone (as a fiendish gang leader) and some of John Wayne’s children.

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Big Jake Blu-Ray DVD

Watch this popular John Wayne western in high quality Blu-Ray. This Blu-Ray DVD has subtitles for multiple languages including: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and more.

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