Clint Eastwood’s Early TV Stardom in “Rawhide” Western Series

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Clint Eastwood will forever be remembered for the series of western movies that he made with director Sergio Leone that have famously become known as “The Man with No Name Trilogy.” The first of these westerns was “A Fistful of Dollars” in which Clint Eastwood memorably played a clever, poncho-clad cowboy on the big screen.
However, before Eastwood became famous in “The Man with No Name” movies, he was already popular in the U.S. for his role in the western TV series “Rawhide.” In “Rawhide” Clint Eastwood starred as Rowdy Yates, a young, cocky trail hand, helping to drive a huge herd to the Kansas City cattle market. The name Rowdy was a great name for his character because Eastwood was not a man who would take much from anybody at any time. He wasn’t a bully, but he was tough, self-assured and always ready to fight when necessary.
Clint Eastwood’s first major acting role was in “Rawhide” and he starred in the series during its entire television season run from 1959 to 1966. His character, Rowdy, was the right-hand-man of the show’s trail boss, Gil Favor (played by actor Eric Fleming). Eastwood is in every episode of “Rawhide” and his acting shows the beginnings of the macho screen persona that would ultimately make him famous.
If you are a Clint Eastwood fan, you should watch the “Rawhide” western TV series. You’ll enjoy seeing a young Clint Eastwood starring as a likeable, cocksure cowboy. You’ll also enjoy watching a well-written western TV show with interesting characters and dramatic storylines.
“Rawhide” is definitely one of the best western television shows ever made and Clint Eastwood’s early television starring role makes it a classic not to be missed!
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