The Top 50 Westerns List

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It has been a long time coming, but we have finally narrowed down the list of the Top 50 best westerns of all time. For those of you who have visited our site earlier, you know that we posted a “sneak peak” of the list containing only some of the films. Now, the entire Top 50 Westerns list is posted.

If you’d like to see the entire list, click here to visit our Top 50 Western Movies page.

If you’d like to see our press release, click here to see the Top 50 Western Movies press release.

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5 Responses to “The Top 50 Westerns List”

  1. Larry Stoy says : Reply

    I have seen all the movies on your 50 best western movie list. It is a pretty good list, there is a few I would question. There is one movie, that should be on that list that you missed, THE TALL MEN starring Clark Gable and Robert Ryan. Also, you missed some great western movies starring Tom Selleck, such as Quigley Down Under. Yes, it is a western! Clark Gable and Tom Selleck are two great western actors! I would rank them up there with John wayne an jimmy Stewart. I an 63 years old and have seen all the great westerns.

  2. Peter Aird says : Reply

    This is a very good site with an excellent list, but needs a few more contemporary Westerns that deserve to be in the top 50.
    Tombstone should be in the top 10.
    And Appaloosa and The Missing should be in the top 25.
    The True Grit remake is worthy of a place too.
    Perhaps its time for the top 100? There would be many excellent candidates…..

  3. RAY DECECCO says : Reply

    The best “best of” list i have seen. Only one glaring omission, Sam Peckinpah’s “Ride the High Country” staring Joel McCray and Randolph Scott in
    their last movie. Really great movie, review it some time.

  4. Andrew Armes Jr says : Reply

    This is a pretty good list. I especially liked the fact that it incuded a few not so well known ones like Will Penny – with Will’s insightful observation “yes, but how was he before he checked out?”. Also The Shootist and The Gunfighter. I would have included Tin Star with Henry Fonda and Anthony Perkins, 5 Card Stud with Dean Martin and Robert Mitchum and of course Pale Rider. The list should also include one or two Audie Murphy selections. His movies were usually fun(like Destry) and I often wonder how the other actors in his movies felt – pretending to be tough and brave when they were alongside a true real-life hero.

    • Christian says : Reply

      I am a fanatic about classic tv westerns with my favorite being Gunsmoke. I have looked for any episodes of A Man called Shenandoah for a long time thanks so much for these episodes. I am a disabled veteran with little mobility and it means a lot to me to have any shows available. Thank you very much for providing me with good entertainment. I have been able to expose my 15 year old son to some wholesome tv shows thanks to your site. Again thanks so much for all your work.

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