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Original Air Dates1955-1975
Key CastJames Arness, Amanda Blake, Milburn Stone, Ken Curtis, Dennis Weaver, Burt Reynolds, Buck Taylor
Genre(s)TV Show
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Gunsmoke is the Granddaddy of All Television Westerns.

Airing for twenty consecutive years, “Gunsmoke” is the longest-running television western ever. In fact, “Gunsmoke” is the longest-running television show ever and there is no other TV show to this day that has broken its record.
“Gunsmoke” set the gold standard for TV westerns, and because of the show’s enormous success many other TV westerns came to life on the small screen. It is estimated that at one time there were over 30 western TV shows, but even with this large number of competing programs, “Gunsmoke” was still the most popular. The western was always in the top ten and in some years the number one rated program on television.
Great casting was one reason audiences loved “Gunsmoke.” James Arness starred as Marshal Matt Dillon who had the job of keeping the peace in Dodge City, Kansas and the surrounding area. Marshal Dillon was good friends with Miss Kitty (Amanda Blake), the owner of the Long Branch Saloon and they shared a mutual romantic interest. Doc Adams (played by Milburn Stone) was the town physician and another core member of the cast.
Over the twenty year lifespan of “Gunsmoke”, Marshal Dillon had different deputies, starting with Chester (played by Dennis Weaver), and continuing on with Festus (Ken Curtis) and Quint (Burt Reynolds).
Given “Gunsmoke’s” popularity and high ratings, many stars wanted to appear on the western, so there are episodes with notable actors like Bette Davis and Charles Bronson to name a few. Also, “Gunsmoke” attracted the best scriptwriters of the time which is why the storylines for the show were always a notch above other competing westerns.
Notorious outlaws, gunslingers, cattle rustlers and other varieties of connivers made their way through Dodge City on “Gunsmoke,” but somehow and some way the Marshal, his deputy and other law abiding citizens made sure that they never got away with their crime. And along the way, audiences came to know and love the characters that made this western a strong and endearing classic whose television success remains unmatched.

• “Gunsmoke” started as a CBS radio program in 1952. Because of its popularity, the producers decided to make “Gunsmoke” into a television program and offered the Marshall Dillon role to actor John Wayne. Wayne turned it down because he didn’t want to commit to a weekly tv program, but he recommended James Arness for the part. It was a perfect fit as James Arness became a star for his role as Marshall Matt Dillon.
• For six years, from 1955 – 1961, “Gunsmoke” was a 30 minute television program. The show was expanded to an hour starting in September, 1961 and it stayed this way for the next fourteen years that it aired.
• James Arness (Marshall Matt Dillon) and Milburn Stone (Doc) are the only two people who played their roles for the entire 20 year time period that “Gunsmoke” aired on television. Had Amanda Blake (Kitty) stayed one more year, she would have been the third person. She left the show in 1974, one year before they stopped making new “Gunsmoke” TV episodes.
• Because “Gunsmoke” had been on television for such a long time, there were occasions when new episodes of “Gunsmoke” were on tv at the same time that old “Gunsmoke” episodes were being shown. To help avoid confusion, the studio renamed the old “Gunsmoke” shows “Marshall Dillon.”
• Gunsmoke won the coveted Bronze Wrangeler Award for Best Television Drama in 1957.
• For six consecutive years, from 1971 to 1976, Gunsmoke won the Western Writers of America Best TV Script Award.
• Gunsmoke won the 1958 Emmy for Best Dramatic TV Series.

Season 1 DVD

Gunsmoke Season 1 DVD Set

This DVD set contains all of the episodes from the very first season of the classic TV western “Gunsmoke.”   There are 39 episodes on 6 DVDs. All of the episodes have been digitally-remastered for excellent picture quality.  

Season 2 - Volume 1

Gunsmoke Season 2 – Volume 1 DVD

This three disc set contains the first 20 episodes of Gunsmoke’s second television season.

Season 2 - Volume 2

Gunsmoke Season 2 – Volume 2 DVD

This studio-released Gunsmoke set contains 19 episodes from the second-half of season two. If you enjoyed the first volume of Gunsmoke Season 2 episodes, then you’ll enjoy this second-half set, too.   This DVD set also has seven original sponsor spots featuring members of the Gunsmoke cast.

Season 3 - Volume 1

Gunsmoke Season 3 – Volume 1 DVD

Gunsmoke was the number one television show for the 1957-1958 television season. The first half of these shows is on this Gunsmoke Season 3 DVD set.   There are 19 episodes on three discs in this set.

Season 3 - Volume 2

Gunsmoke Season 3 – Volume 2 DVD

Get the entire second-half of Gunsmoke Season 3 in this studio-released DVD set. The picture quality is great!   If you enjoyed the first half of Season 3, then you’ll enjoy this second-half set.

Season 4 - Volume 1

Gunsmoke Season 4 – Volume 1

During this fourth season, Gunsmoke was again ranked as the number one show on television.   This set has three discs with the first 19 episodes of Gunsmoke Season 4.

Season 4 - Volume 2

Gunsmoke Season 4 – Volume 2

This Gunsmoke TV set contains the final 20 episodes from the top-ranked fourth season of Gunsmoke.

Season 5 - Volume 1

Gunsmoke Season 5 – Volume 1

It is never dull in Dodge City, Kansas and this fifth season Gunsmoke DVD set proves it!   This Season 5 collection contains the first 20 episodes from the Gunsmoke fifth season on three DVDs.   The picture quality is excellent!

Season 5 - Volume 2

Gunsmoke Season 5 – Volume 2

This Gunsmoke DVD set contains the second-half of season 5. If you enjoyed the first half of this season, then you will also enjoy these episodes.   There’s never been a television western like Gunsmoke! It is a true classic.

Season 6 - Volume 1

Gunsmoke Season 6 – Volume 1

Recently released in August 2012, this is the latest of the Gunsmoke TV Shows available on DVD from the studio. The studio-released DVD set is the best set to purchase because the shows have been digitally-remastered for the clearest, best picture quality.

This DVD set contains the first 19 episodes of Gunsmoke Season Six on three discs.

Season 6 - Volume 2

Gunsmoke Season 6 – Volume 2

This Season 6 DVD set of Gunsmoke will be released on October 16, 2012. You can pre-order it now and be guaranteed the lowest price (even if it changes before the release date). What’s even better is that you’ll be one of the first fans to watch these excellent TV show episodes at home.

This DVD set will contain all of the Gunsmoke Season 6 DVDs not available in the volume one edition.

Gunsmoke 50th Anniversary Collection

Gunsmoke 50th Anniversary Collection DVD Set

This special-release Gunsmoke DVD Collection has a selection of 29 Gunsmoke TV episodes from different seasons. Gunsmoke is the longest-running television western ever and there will never be another western show like it!   This collection highlights special guest star appearances of actors and actresses who were famous at the time or eventually became famous.

Gunsmoke - The Director's Collection

Gunsmoke – The Director’s Collection DVD

This three disc Gunsmoke DVD set contains Gunsmoke episodes that were directed by acclaimed directors. • Robert Stevenson (Zorro, Mary Poppins) • Mark Rydell (The Cowboys, The Wild Wild West) • Arthur Hiller (The Rifleman, Wagon Train) • Andrew V. McLaglen (Rawhide, McLintock!, Have Gun Will Travel)  

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