High Noon

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DirectorFred Zinnemann
Key CastGary Cooper, Lloyd Bridges, Grace Kelly, Harry Morgan, Lee Van Cleef, Katy Jurado
MPAA RatingApproved
Film TypeBlack and White
Genre(s)Western, Thriller
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“High Noon” is a Suspenseful Western starring Gary Cooper and Gene Kelly.

It seems like a happy day for retiring Marshall Will Kane (Gary Cooper). He is getting married in the morning and leaving Hadleyville to start a new life with his Quaker bride Amy (Grace Kelly). But the day takes a tragic turn when he is told that Frank Miller, a man he sent to prison years ago, has been released and is coming to town on the 12:00 noon train for a revenge showdown with Marshall Kane.
Kane’s new bride Amy urges him to leave Hadleyville with her and avoid the gunfight. Other friends agree and urge Kane to leave. But Kane’s sense of honor and pride won’t let him go. He decides that he’ll have to stay and confront Miller and his gang at High Noon.
Since Marshall Kane has protected the town for many years, he figures that he can count on the townspeople to help him in his time of need. But as time progresses, and the fateful noon hour approaches, it becomes increasingly clear that the townspeople are too afraid to help Kane and that no one, absolutely no one, will come to his aid in his hour of need. Even his new wife Amy has told him that if he doesn’t walk away from the showdown, she will leave on the next train without him.
The clock keeps ticking. Tex Ritter’s title tune “High Noon” with the words “Do not forsake me oh my darling, on this our wedding day” periodically plays in the background as the fateful hour approaches.
Will Kane have to stand alone at High Noon? All the odds are against him.

• The timing for the movie “High Noon” is very close to the actual time that things unfold in the film. Gary Cooper has roughly 1 ½ hours to prepare for the showdown which is very close to the running time for the movie. This was intentionally done by the director in order to add to the movie’s suspense and it works. Quite interestingly, when United Artists executives saw the initial version of “High Noon” after it was completed, they were not happy with the film. They thought that it would be a commercial flop. So, they had the movie re-edited to more tightly to fit with the real timing for the showdown. Also, they added Tex Ritter’s title song “High Noon” throughout key parts of the movie to add drama. All of this additional editing paid off as “High Noon” became a box-office success. Tex Ritter’s title song became a hit and the movie won numerous awards.
• Gary Cooper won both the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for his convincing performance as Marshal Will Kane in “High Noon.”
• Tex Ritter’s song “High Noon” was enormously popular and became a hit. It is believed that the popularity of this song also helped to make the movie a box office success. The song “High Noon” won an Academy Award for Best Original Song in a movie.
• John Wayne was not offered the leading role in “High Noon.” Other actors that were offered the part but turned it down were Charlton Heston, Gregory Peck and Marlon Brando. Not much is recorded as to why Charlton Heston and Marlon Brando didn’t want to star in this western. Gregory Peck reportedly turned down the role because he had recently done the movie “The Gunfighter” and he thought that the roles were too similar.
• Katy Jurado plays Helen Ramirez in “High Noon.” She became the first Mexican Actress to win a Golden Globe Award when she won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in “High Noon.” Jurado was a very talented and successful actress during her career. She performed in a lot of classic westerns like Broken Lance, One-Eyed Jacks and Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid.
• Director Fred Zinneman passionately fought against colorization of “High Noon.” Eventually, however, Ted Turner colorized the movie to show on his cable channel. The original movie was shot in Black and White.
• There is a sequel to High Noon that was made 28 years later and shown on television. The title of the sequel was “High Noon Part 2 – The Return of Will Kane.” Lee Majors stars as Will Kane in this version.
The sequel did not have as much success as the original western.
• “High Noon” is one of the few movies in the United States to be honored in the U.S. Library of Congress National Film Registry. It was chosen in 1989 for this distinct honor.
• “High Noon” won four Academy Awards, including one for the famous High Noon hit song by Tex Ritter named “Do Not Forsake Me, O My Darling.’ The awards were: Best Actor (Gary Cooper), Best Film Editing, Best Song “High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) and Best Movie Music Scoring.
• “High Noon” also won four Golden Globe Awards, including the first Golden Globe Award ever given to a Mexican Actress – Katy Jurado for her portrayal as Helen Ramirez in the film. The awards were: Best Actor (Gary Cooper), Best Supporting Actress (Katy Jurado), Best Motion Picture Score and Best Cinematography.


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