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Before he became “Butch” in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” Paul Newman was “Hombre.”

Hombre was the number one box office western in 1967 and it was made two years before “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

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Paul Newman stars in “Hombre” as John Russell, a White man who has been living with Apache Indians for most of his life. After he inherits a boardinghouse, Russell comes to town to settle affairs, but plans to leave as quickly as possible to get back to his home in the mountains with the Apaches.

This puts Newman on a stagecoach with a group of people who don’t approve of him because he has chosen to live as an Apache. However, when the stagecoach gets robbed and their lives are in danger, the passengers need Hombre to save them.

With its many twists and turns, “Hombre” is a memorable western with excellent casting. In addition to Paul Newman, the movie stars Richard Boone (who plays a villain extremely well), Diane Cilento (who was Mrs. Sean Connery at the time) and Fredric March (who was a two-time Academy Award winning actor).

Hombre Western – Watch It Now or Purchase DVD

Paul Newman, Richard Boone, Diane Cilantro and Fredric March star in this classic western.