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DirectorMartin Ritt
Key CastPaul Newman, Fredric March, Richard Boone, Diane Cilento, Cameron Mitchell
MPAA RatingNot Rated
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Action
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“Hombre” means MAN and Paul Newman is HOMBRE.

“Hombre” is suspenseful western about racial bigotry.
An old family friend comes to visit John Russell (Paul Newman) to tell him that his father has died and left him an inheritance – a boarding house and a gold watch. He urges John to return with him to claim the bequest, but John is hesitant to do so because he is not eager to rejoin the “White” race. (John has been living by himself in the desert hills for years and looks like it.)
John eventually decides to return home to claim the boarding house so that he can sell it. This puts him at odds with Jessie (Diane Cilento), the woman who has been running the boarding house for years and wants to continue doing so. Jessie, however, can’t afford to buy it.
Now Jessie, John and several other passengers find themselves together on the only stagecoach leaving town. The other passengers include an Indian agent Alex Favor (Fredric March) and his young wife Audra (Barbara Rush), a young married couple named the Blakes (Peter Lazer and Margaret Blye) and a stranger named Cicero Grimes (Richard Boone).
The passengers show their distaste for John when they learn that he has grown up amongst the Apache Indians, especially Indian agent Alex Favor. The situation completely changes, however, when they all get robbed and are left to die in the desert.
Now they are depending on John, who becomes better known as Hombre, to save them.

• “Hombre” was the number one box office western in 1967. The western made over $12 million, beating out other great westerns released during this year like El Dorado and The War Wagon.
• At the time that she starred in this movie, Diane Cilento (who plays the boardinghouse lady Jessie), was married to Sean Connery (who is famous for his roles as James Bond).
• “Hombre” is based on the novel Hombre by Elmore Leonard (London, 1961). Elmore Leonard had three of his novels turned into western movies. In addition to Hombre, the other two novels made into cowboy westerns were “3:10 to Yuma” and “The Tall T.”
• The director of this movie, Martin Ritt, also directed the popular western, Hud, starring Paul Newman.
• “Hombre” was filmed on location in Arizona at the Coronado National Forest, the Helvetia Mine owned by the Anaconda Company, and in Old Tucson.


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