Jeremiah Johnson

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DirectorSydney Pollack
Key CastRobert Redford, Will Geer
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Adventure
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“Jeremiah Johnson” stars Robert Redford as a Real-Life Mountain Man

“Jeremiah Johnson” is based on the story of real mountain man John Johnston, known as Crow-Killer and Liver-Eater Johnston.
Disgusted with civilized society, Jeremiah Johnson (Robert Redford) decides to go live as a mountain man in the Rocky Mountains. The big problem, however, is that he doesn’t know anything about how to survive in the harsh conditions of the mountains. Fortunately, he befriends another mountain man named Chris Lapp (played by Will Geer) who saves him from starvation and teaches him how to survive the life-threatening winters and rugged mountain conditions.
“Jeremiah Johnson” faces a slew of trials, tribulations and challenges in his new life as rugged individualist. He learns how to skin a treacherous grizzly bears and trade with the Indians. Along the way, he adopts a boy, Caleb, (Josh Albee) and rescues another mountain man, Del Gue (Stefan Gierasch) from Blackfeet Indians. Because of his bravery, Johnson is given a wife named Swan (Delle Bolton) from the Flathead tribe.
It appears that “Jeremiah Johnson” has found peace in the wilderness with this new family, until he helps some soldiers who violate a Crow burial ground, despite his personal pleas for the soldiers to leave the area alone. The Crow Indians retaliate against Johnson. Enraged, Johnson vows to kill every Crow Indian he can find in the area which ultimately leads to his legendary nickname “Crow Killer.”
Filmed entirely on location in Utah, the scenic beauty in this classic western takes viewers on a visual journey that displays the beauty and danger of the mountains.
Based on a true story, “Jeremiah Johnson” won the coveted Western Heritage Bronze Wrangler Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture in 1973.

• According to published reports, “Jeremiah Johnson” inspired a class of seventh grade students in Lancaster, California to research the life of the real mountain man. To their surprise, they discovered that Johnson was buried in California in a veterans cemetery which was not his stated desire. As a result of this discovery, Jeremiah Johnson’s remains were disinterred and flown to Wyoming to be laid to rest. Actor Robert Redford, who played Johnson in the movie, attended the service.
• Robert Redford made “Jeremiah Johnson” two years after he became a superstar from the western “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” When it was first released in theatres, “Jeremiah Johnson” got mixed reviews which actually hurt it at the box office. After Robert Redford’s popularity soared again with his starring role in the movie “The Way We Were” with Barbara Streisand, “Jeremiah Johnson” was released again in movie theatres and did much better the second time around.
• The screenplay for “Jeremiah Johnson” was based on two major sources: The book “Mountain Man” by Vardis Fisher and the story “Crow Killer” by Raymond W. Thorp and Robert Bunker.
• Because of its spectacular outdoor cinematography, “Jeremiah Johnson” is considered one of the best on location movies ever made.
• In 1973, “Jeremiah Johnson” won the Western Heritage Bronze Wrangler Award for Best Theatrical Motion Picture.


Jeremiah Johnson
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Jeremiah Johnson stars Robert Redford and is based on the story of real mountain man John Johnston, known as Crow-Killer and Liver-Eater Johnston.

This movie DVD is a very reasonably-priced classic that you’ll enjoy watching.

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Jeremiah Johnson
Blu-Ray Disc

This Jeremiah Johnson Blu-ray DVD has excellent picture quality and these additional features:
Commentary By Director Sidney Pollack, Writer John Milius And Actor Robert Redford
The Saga Of Jeremiah Johnson Featurette
Theatrical Trailer

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Jeremiah Johnson

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