John Wayne Movie DVD Collections

This is an exhaustive list of John Wayne movies that you can purchase in DVD sets, making it easier to get a wonderful selection of John Wayne movies for yourself or as a gift.

John Wayne made over 150 movies during his lifetime. In honor of this screen legend, we compiled this list of John Wayne Movie DVD collections currently available.

Although we are partial to John Wayne cowboy westerns, these DVD sets also contain John Wayne war movies, dramas, action/adventure films and more. If you want to add to your collection, or buy a gift for someone else, these John Wayne Movie DVD collections are an excellent choice. Check out the selection!

John Wayne: The Fox Westerns DVD Collection

Four John Wayne Western Movies

This DVD box set contains four John Wayne movies, all of them westerns. These are western movies that John Wayne made while he was under contract with 20th Century Fox Movie Studios. “The Big Trail” is an early John Wayne movie (his first major starring role) and is one of the few westerns to be selected for the National Film Registry.

The Big Trail (western)
North to Alaska (western)
The Comancheros (western)
The Undefeated (western)

TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: John Wayne Western Movies

Four John Wayne Western Movies including “The Searchers”

This DVD set is a special compilation released by Turner Classic Movies containing four John Wayne westerns. “The Searchers” is a much-heralded western that John Wayne made with director John Ford. Henry Fonda stars with Wayne in “Fort Apache” and in the western movie “Rio Bravo” John Wayne co-stars with Dean Martin. In “The Cowboys,” John Wayne finds himself moving a herd of cattle with a group of young boys.

The Searchers (western)
Fort Apache (western)
Rio Bravo (western)
The Cowboys (western)

John Wayne – John Ford Film Collection

Eight John Wayne and Director John Ford FilmsWestern & War Movies

This DVD set contains a variety of John Wayne movies that The Duke made with award-winning director John Ford. John Wayne and John Ford are one of the most famous actor/director pairings in cinema history, having made numerous western and non-western films together. Two of their most famous western movies, “The Searchers” and “Stagecoach” are in this DVD set as well as the western films “Fort Apache” and “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.” This set also contains a special selection of three war-setting films starring John Wayne.

The Searchers (western), Stagecoach (western), Fort Apache (western), She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (western), The Long Voyage Home (war), They Were Expendable (war), 3 Godfathers (western), The Wings of Eagles (war)

John Wayne Collection (Volume 1)

Four John Wayne FilmsIncluding the Romance Drama “The Quiet Man”

This John Wayne DVD set contains four John Wayne movies – two of them war films. The romance/drama movie in this set, “The Quiet Man” is an Academy Award winning film starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. John Wayne was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Sean Thornton in this movie.

The Sands of Iwo Jima (war)
Flying Tigers (war)
The Quiet Man (drama, romance)
Wake of the Red Witch (action,adventure)

John Wayne Ultimate Cowboy Collection

Eight John Wayne Western Movies Including “The Alamo” that He Also Directed

This DVD box set contains seven John Wayne western movies. John Wayne produced, directed and starred in “The Alamo,” a dramatic story about the fight for Texas’s independence. “The Big Trail” shows Wayne in his first big starring role and in “The Comancheros” he is a Texas ranger hunting for gun smugglers. If you want good cowboy western entertainment, this special collection of John Wayne western movies provides it.

The Alamo (western), The Big Trail (western), The Comancheros (western), The Horse Soldiers (western), Legend of the Lost (western), North to Alaska (western), The Undefeated (western)

The John Wayne Collection

15 Early John Wayne “B” Western Movies

The five disc set contains 15 John Wayne movies from the early years of his career. These 1930s westerns will provide hours of good, old-fashioned, “B” western movie entertainment for John Wayne fans. These Old West cowboy movies show a young John Wayne when he was still developing his western film persona.

Blue Steel, Lawless Range, The Dawn Rider, The Lucky Texan, The Man from Utah, Randy Rides Alone, Rainbow Valley, The Star Packer, The Desert Trail, Riders of Destiny, Winds of the Wasteland, The Trail Beyond, West of the Divide, Texas Terror, Paradise Canyon