John Wayne Western Movies Coming Soon on Blu-Ray

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The weather outside is cool, but Blu-Ray is heating things up with seven John Wayne western movies being released this Spring.

The Duke is still taming the West after all the years. These digitally-remastered films are a must for every western movie fan’s library. Don’t wait to order your copies of these excellent John Wayne westerns! All of them are available for immediate pre-order, with a guaranteed low price. See individual reviews for release dates.

1. True Grit/Hondo Double Feature Blu-ray — (Releases on: 3/5/13)

True Grit: John Wayne’s Oscar winning role as a coarse, often drunk Marshall Rooster Cogburn is one of the Duke’s finest performances on the silver screen. With a supporting cast that includes Glen Campbell, Robert Duvall and Kim Darby, Wayne is fiercely determined on finding fugitive from justice Tom Chaney. A few emotional scenes keep viewers cheering him, even when he is less than gentle with the young lady that hires him to find her father’s killer.

Hondo: This 1953 film is all about the hard frontier life. Tension is everywhere. Tension between the whites and Native Americans, tension created when Wayne decides to defend the widow of a man he killed. This film is a perfect example of Wayne’s unique acting ability and an testament of his directing skills.

2. McLintock Blu-ray — ( 3/26/13)

This western comedy is filled with humor and is consider by many to be Wayne’s most comedic role in film. Instead of remembering scenes punctuated with fights between cowboys and Indians, viewers will remember the headstrong wife and the cattle baron’s battles with his future son-in-law, played by John Wayne’s real son, Patrick Wayne.

3. Wyoming Outlaw Blu-ray –(3/26/13)

This 1939 movie is based on a true story complete with incarceration, jail breaks and mountain hideouts. Wayne teams up with Ray Corrigan and Raymond Hatton on the posse to catch a fugitive and bring him back to justice. The plot keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

4. Sante Fe Stampede Blu-ray –(3/26/13)

Another movie in the Mesquiteers series, this one finds John Wayne (Stony) locked up in jail, with townsmen plotting to lynch him for crimes he did not commit. Crooked judges, gold discoveries and action on both sides of the law make this a great western film.

5. The Lawless Nineties Blu-ray –(3/26/13)

Wayne plays a federal man sent to bring law and order to Crockett City. After Tipton (Wayne) steps in to rescue the local newspaper editor from bandits, he discovers they were after his life not his money. Gabby Hayes and Ann Rutherford co-star.

6. Westward Ho Blu-ray –(3/26/13)

One of John Wayne earlier films, Western Ho was released in 1935. The story revolves around tragedy on the trail– his parents are killed and a brother is taken hostage by the gang. Later he is discovers his brother has turned criminal. Mary Gordon becomes the love interest for both brothers.

7. War of the Wildcasts Blu-ray-(4/23/13)

Set in the oil boom days this film is all about adventure and romance. Wayne comes head-to-head with a wealthy oil tycoon in heated battles over Indian lands, a beautiful woman and drilling rights. Engaging and entertaining.

Pre-Order these Western Movies on Blu-Ray

If you are interested in purchasing any of these movies, the links below will take you directly to a page with details. Amazon offers a lowest-price guarantee on pre-orders, meaning that if the price drops after you order it, your price will automatically drop to this lowest price, too.

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