Little Big Man

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DirectorArthur Penn
Key CastDustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway, Chief Dan George
MPAA RatingPG-13
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Adventure
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“Little Big Man” Paints a Colorful, Raucous, and Dramatic Portrait of the Old West

Dustin Hoffman stars in this rousing, entertaining western as a man who is now 121 years old and is telling the story of his life in the Old American West. He was given the name “Little Big Man” by an Indian chief named Old Lodge Skins (played by Chief Dan George) and his life story takes viewers through his incredible and mythical adventures with famous figures like Wild Bill Hickok and General George Armstrong Custer.
Looking back on his tremendously full life, “Little Big Man” recounts his adventures straddling the white and Indian world as a warrior, gunfighter, sidekick to a snake-oil salesman, Army scout, and multiple other incarnations. Along the way he meets some of the American West’s most famous figures from Wild Bill Hickok (Jeff Corey) to General George Armstrong Custer (Richard Mulligan) and finds himself in the middle of a number of its defining events, including the Battle of the Little Bighorn, of which he claims to be the sole white survivor.
Comic at one turn and heartbreaking the next, “Little Big Man” is based on Thomas Berger’s satirical novel of the same name that was originally published in 1964.
A groundbreaking film in its sympathetic portrayal of American Indians, “Little Big Man” features additional standout performances by Chief Dan George (as Little Big Man’s adopted grandfather, Old Lodge Skins) and Faye Dunaway (as Mrs. Pendrake).

• “Little Big Man” was the number one western at the box office in 1971, having grossed $17 million. This also made it one of the Top 10 box office movies of the year. The next highest-grossing western that same year was “Big Jake” starring John Wayne.
• Chief Dan George, who plays Old Lodge Skins in “Little Big Man,” was nominated for many awards and won the New York Film Critic’s Award for his performance in this western. He was nominated for both the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor.


Little Big Man
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“Little Big Man” stars Dustin Hoffman in an entertaining western as a man who is now 121 years old and is telling the story of his life in the Old American West. Faye Dunaway and Chief Dan George co-star.

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Little Big Man
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