One-Eyed Jacks

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DirectorMarlon Brando
Key CastMarlon Brando, Karl Malden, Katy Jurado, Ben Johnson, Slim Pickens
MPAA RatingPG-13
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Drama
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Five years in a squalid Mexican prison!
Is Marlon Brando back for revenge?

In the western “One-Eyed Jacks,” this is the question Dad Longworth (Karl Malden) asks himself when Rio (Marlon Brando) unexpectedly shows up at his home.
Longworth and Rio have a notorious past together. When the duo robbed a bank in Mexico, Longworth was supposed to get another horse and come back and rescue Rio. But with all that gold and a chance to save himself, Longworth doesn’t return. He leaves Rio to be caught by the Mexican police and jailed.
Five years later Rio escapes from prison with fellow inmate, Chico Modesto (Larry Duran). At a bar, Rio learns that Longworth has shed his past and become sheriff of the beautiful California coastal city of Monterey, California. The bandits at the bar are planning to rob the bank in Monterey. Rio joins them to help with the heist, but his bigger plan is to get revenge.
When Rio quietly arrives at Longworth’s home and finds him happily married to Maria (Katy Jurado) and with a beautiful stepdaughter name Louisa (Pina Pellicer), he finds his opportunity – Seducing Longworth’s daughter while appearing to be a forgiving old friend.
“One-Eyed Jacks” refers to the playing card and symbolizes the two sides of people’s personalities. In this western, Marlon Brando shows how two-faced and calculating a person can be when they are out to even the score.

• Marlon Brando produced, starred in and directed “One-Eyed Jacks.” However, this was Brando’s first and last film that he ever directed. The reason is because Brando spent three times the budgeted amount and took three times the amount of filming time allotted for the western. The movie was supposed to be shot in 60 days for less than $2 million. Brando took six months and spent $6 million. Reports are that Brando was a perfectionist as the director so he kept shooting and reshooting scenes of the movie until he felt they were exactly the way that he wanted them. This hyper perfectionism did not go over well with the studio and resulted in Brando getting a bad reputation as a director. He was never offered to direct a film again.
• By the time Marlon Brando finished making “One-Eyed Jacks,” there was over five hours of film footage. Also, the finished western didn’t seem to have a clear villain or hero in it. The studio, wanting to make its money back from the film, took over the editing and cut the movie down to 141 minutes. They also re-edited it so that there was one, clear hero in the movie and they changed the ending to something the studio believed would be more well-received by audiences. Brando was not happy with these changes but at this point did not have much influence left.
• “One-Eyed Jacks” is the only film that Marlon Brando ever directed. He replaced the initial director of the film, Stanley Kubrick. The original plan was for Marlon Brando to produce and star in the western, while Kubrick directed it. There is speculation that there were personality differences between Stanley Kubrick and Marlon Brando which is why Kubrick stopped working on “One Eyed Jacks.”
• “One-Eyed Jacks” was filmed on location in Monterey, California and Death Valley, California. The Monterey location is why there are so many beautiful seaside shots in the movie which is highly unusual for a western.( Westerns are normally shown in desert locations.) The cinematography of this western is one of the reasons why it is so memorable and unique.
• “One-Eyed Jacks” is based on the novel “The Authentic Death of Hendry Jones” by Charles Neider that was originally published in 1956.
• “One-Eyed Jacks” was nominated for a 1962 Academy Award for Best Cinematography (Charles Lang)
• Marlon Brando was nominated for an Outstanding Directorial Achievement Award from the Directors Guild of America.


One-Eyed Jacks DVD

Marlon Brando stars in this western as Rio, an old friend of town sheriff, Dad Longworth (played by Karl Malden).

When Rio unexpectedly shows up at Longworth’s home in Monterey, California, he downplays their dark past together and proceeds to romance Longworth’s stepdaughter Louisa (Pina Pellicer).

All is not as it appears to be.

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Filmed near the beautiful seaside community of Monterey, California, “One-Eyed Jacks” is one of the few western films to have an ocean as part of its setting.

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