Ride Lonesome

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DirectorBudd Boetticher
Key CastRandolph Scott, Pernell Roberts, Lee Van Cleef, Karen Steele
MPAA RatingApproved
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Drama
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Randolph Scott is a Determined Bounty Hunter in “Ride Lonesome”

In “Ride Lonesome”, a Budd Boetticher/Randolph Scott classic, Ben Brigade (Randolph Scott) is a former sheriff turned bounty hunter.
He appears to be only interested in the bounty money that he will receive for taking young outlaw Billy John (James Best) into custody. But the job has its dangers because Billy boasts that his outlaw older brother Frank (Lee Van Cleef) has no plans of allowing Billy to be brought to justice in Santa Cruz.
On the trail, Brigade and his prisoner come upon a stagecoach way station and, after a battle and some Indian trouble, wind up with additional unwanted companions on their journey – the trading post manager’s wife Carrie (Karen Steele), and two untrustworthy outlaws Sam Boone (Pernell Roberts) and Whit (James Coburn).
Meanwhile, Frank and gang reach the trading post station and pick up Brigade’s tracks.
Brigade’s troubles mount ten-fold with Indians over the hill, Frank’s gang in hot pursuit, and the menacing Boone who is set on personally handing Billy over to the law for amnesty. But, the plot unfolds even further when there is a twist to Ben Brigade’s motives for capturing Billy John.

• “Ride Lonesome” is one of many western movies that actor Randolph Scott and director Budd Boetticher made together. These westerns are credited with resurrecting the career of Randolph Scott. Many of these western movies have been put together in a special DVD collection called the “The Films of Budd Boetticher.” The set contains the following westerns:
The Tall T
Decision at Sundown
Buchanan Rides Alone
Ride Lonesome
Comanche Station
Additional westerns that Bud Boetticher and Randolph Scott made together that are not in this set are: “Seven Men from Now” and “Westbound.”
• James Coburn made his first movie screen appearance in “Ride Lonesome.” Prior to starring in this movie, Coburn had parts in different TV programs, most notably of which was an episode for the western TV series “Wagon Train.” After starring in this “Ride Lonesome”, Coburn continued to play roles on TV series programs, many of them westerns. Coburn’s career took off when he played the knife-throwing cowboy Britt in the classic western “The Magnificent Seven.”


Ride Lonesome
Movie DVD

In the western movie “Ride Lonesome”, Randolph Scott plays Ben Brigade, a former sheriff turned bounty hunter who appears to only be interested in bounty money. His motives, however, go much deeper.

The Films of Budd Boetticher Collection

The Films of Budd Boetticher
DVD Collection

“Ride Lonesome” is one of the many excellent western films available in this special collection of movies directed by award-winning director Budd Boetticher.

All of the movies in this DVD set are westerns and star Randolph Scott. The five films in this set are:
The Tall T
Decision at Sundown
Buchanan Rides Alone
Comanche Station
Ride Lonesome

There’s also bonus material including a documentary about Budd Boetticher entitled “Budd Boetticer: A Man Can Do That.”

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