Rio Lobo

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DirectorHoward Hawks
Key CastJohn Wayne, Jorge Rivero, Jennifer O’Neill, Jack Elam, Christopher Mitchum
MPAA RatingG
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Romance, Adventure, War
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Rio Lobo – Where Danger Awaits John Wayne

John Wayne stars in “Rio Lobo” as Colonel Cord McNally – a man determined to find a traitor!
Colonel Cord McNally (John Wayne) is trying to prevent a robbery of the Army pay train carrying gold. However, despite all of the Colonel’s careful planning, the train is cleverly attacked and all of the gold is stolen.
The Colonel and his men pursue the thieves but while chasing them down, the Colonel gets captured. He discovers that the train robbers are Confederate soldiers who are stealing the money for the South because they are in desperate need of the treasure for the Civil War.
Time passes and the Civil War ends. But Colonel McNally hasn’t forgotten about the stolen train gold and the soldier that was killed during the robbery. He knows that in order for the train heist to have been successful, the enemy had to have had inside information. This means that someone in his command was a spy and he wants to find out who it was.
All of this action eventually leads to “Rio Lobo,” a town governed by ruthless outlaws and a place where Colonel McNally can bring the traitor to justice.

• “Rio Lobo” was a commercial hit at the box office, which is mainly attributed to the presence of superstar western actor John Wayne. The storyline for this classic western is very similar to the plots for two other western films that Howard Hawks directed and starred John Wayne – El Dorado and Rio Bravo. The first of these two other, similar movies was “Rio Bravo” which was first released in 1959. Hawks and Wayne released the second movie, “El Dorado” eight years later in 1967. This western,( the last one that they made and the last film for director Howard Hawks), was released in movie theatres in 1970, three years after “El Dorado.”
• “Rio Lobo” was the last film that director Howard Hawks made during his long, distinguished Hollywood career that would include a number of outstanding cowboy western films. They are:

Barbary Coast
The Outlaw
The Big Sky
Rio Bravo
El Dorado
Red River


Rio Lobo Movie DVD

The Civil War is over, but Colonel Cord McNally (John Wayne) still hasn’t forgotten about a train that was robbed and a soldier killed. He is determined to find out who the traitor was in his unit that must have helped the soldiers.   The trail leads him to “Rio Lobo.”

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