Seven Men From Now

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DirectorBud Boetticher
Key CastRandolph Scott, Lee Marvin, Gail Russell
MPAA RatingApproved
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Drama
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In “Seven Men from Now”, Randolph Scott is in Cold, Vengeful Pursuit of His Wife’s Killers

In the western movie “Seven Men from Now,” ex-Sheriff Ben Stride (Randolph Scott) is in cold, vengeful pursuit of seven men who murdered his wife in the town of Silver Springs while committing a robbery.
Determined to get his revenge, Stride sets off into the Arizona desert as a tormented hunter.
Early in his journey, Stride wonders into a desert cave to take refuge from a nighttime rain storm and joins two men warming themselves by a fire. After he reveals that he’s from the town of Silver Springs, the two men grow nervous and suddenly try to kill Stride. But Stride, faster on the draw, guns down them both. Two down. Five to go.
While tracking the remaining desperate, cold-blooded killers through the Arizona desert, Stride happens upon a wagon and frees two helpless travelers stuck in the mud. They are a married couple, John (Walter Reed) and Annie Greer (Gail Russell) who are headed to California. Both of them are obviously foreigners to frontier life. Grateful for Stride’s help, they ask him to accompany them to a border town called Flora Vista. While traveling together, though, the wife seems to take increasing interest in Stride.
The journey is dangerous, Apache Indians are reported in the area and additional travelers (who have their own secret agenda), join them.
Nevertheless, Stride’s determination to track down and kill all seven men responsible for his wife’s death is undeterred.
Randolph Scott delivers an excellent performance as Ben Stride. A role that director Bud Boetticher declared was “Oscar worthy!” marked the beginning of a legendary western movie collaboration between Randolph Scott and Bud Boetticher.

• “Seven Men from Now” is the first of a series of extraordinary westerns that director Bud Boetticher made with actor Randolph Scott. The names of the other western movies that they made together are:
The Tall T
Decision at Sundown
Buchanan Rides Alone
Ride Lonesome
Comanche Station
Five of these western movies are available in a special DVD collection named “The Films of Bud Boetticher.”
• Director Bud Boetticher was elevated to the front ranks of western film directors after making “Seven Men from Now” which is a highly-acclaimed western movie among genre critics and fans. Reportedly, this western was also Boetticher’s personal favorite amongst his western films.
• John Wayne’s Batjac Company produced “Seven Men From Now.” John Wayne liked writer Burt Kennedy’s screenplay for this western and asked Bud Boetticher to consider directing the movie. Boetticher agreed and a new relationship was born between writer Burt Kennedy and director Bud Boetticher. Burt Kennedy wrote scripts for four more Boetticher western films, all starring Randolph Scott. They names of these other western movies are:
The Tall T
Buchanan Rides Alone
Ride Lonesome
Comanche Station


Seven Men from Now
Movie DVD

Randolph Scott stars in this classic western as an ex-Sheriff who is determined to track down and kill the seven men who were responsible for his wife’s death.

Lee Marvin co-stars and award-winning director, Bud Boetticher, directs this excellent film.

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