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DirectorLawrence Kasdan
Key CastKevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, John Cleese
MPAA RatingPG-13
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Action
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Kevin Kline, Danny Glover & Kevin Costner Are Unlikely Comrades

Silverado stars Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, Scott Glenn and Kevin Costner as a group of unlikely comrades who restore order to a western town.
Paden (Kevin Kline) is robbed and left for dead in the desert but is rescued by Emmett (Scott Glenn), who himself is fleeing from an ambush. The pair rescues Emmett’s brother Jake (Kevin Costner) with the help of Mal (Danny Glover), who had been run out of town by the local sheriff (John Cleese) for racial reasons. The four men journey west to “Silverado.”
Upon reaching the town of Silverado, Paden finds himself the saloon keeper, under the watchful eye of Sheriff Cobb (Brian Dennehy). Mal finds racial discrimination has followed him – His father is burned out of his home and his sister has become a dance hall girl.
Emmett and Jake learn that Silverado is ruled by a cattle baron whose father Emmett had killed years earlier. Each of the men must conquer their own personal enemies to meet their destinies.
Silverado marks the first pairing in a long, professional, theatrical relationship between Kevin Kline and John Cleese. Jeff Goldblum, Rosanna Arquette and Linda Hunt add to the fun of this 1980s throwback to the big-budget westerns of earlier years.

• Kevin Costner was a little-known actor at the time that he was cast as Jake in Silverado. In as little as five years later, Costner would go on to direct and star in “Dances with Wolves,” one of the most highly-acclaimed western movie of the nineties and one of the few western films to ever win an Academy Award for Best Motion Picture.
• The director of Silverado, Lawrence Kasdan, also co-wrote the screenplay for Silverado with his brother Mark Kasdan. Lawrence Kasdan is also a very successful movie scriptwriter, having written the screenplays for many famous movies such as “Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back,” the adventure movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” and the 1994 western movie “Wyatt Earp.”
• Silverado was released the same year as the western Pale Rider.


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Kevin Kline, Danny Glover and Kevin Costner lead the all-star cast of this entertaining western.

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Silverado Movie
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This Blu-ray disc version of the western “Silverado” contains many bonus features.

• The Making of Silverado feature
• The Return to Silverado with star Kevin Costner
• Along the Silverado: A Western Historians Commentary about the film

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