The Gunfighter

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DirectorHenry King
Key CastGregory Peck, Helen Westcott, Millard Mitchell
MPAA RatingNot Rated
Film TypeBlack and White
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Gregory Peck is “The Gunfighter”

In this complicated and groundbreaking Western from 1950, Gregory Peck plays Jimmy Ringo, a lightning-fast gunfighter who can’t escape his reputation. Forced to kill a rival who, like so many others, desired to goad Ringo into a shoot-out, Jimmy Ringo is forced out of town, with the brothers of the dead man in hot pursuit.
Ringo heads to another small town hoping to re-connect with his wife and son. (Ringo has never seen his son and the son doesn’t know that the infamous gunfighter is his father.) After he arrives, word quickly spreads that “The Gunfighter” is in town and everyone starts speculating about who is going to have a shoot-out with him next.
Holding solemn court in a saloon, Jimmy Ringo interacts with people from his past and new characters drawn by his infamy. He gets an old friend, Marshal Mark Strett (Millard Mitchell), to arrange a secret meeting with his estranged wife Peggy (Helen Westcott), hoping that she will see him and let him meet his son. In the meantime, Ringo has brushes with a man who accuses Ringo of killing his son and also encounters a young, wannabe gunslinger named Hunt Bromley (Skip Homeier).
In “The Gunfighter,” Gregory Peck convincingly shows the loneliness of a man weary of his gunslinger fame. He longs to live a normal life. The question is “Can he?”

• Despite the fact that Gregory Peck starred in “The Gunfighter,” the western did not fare well at the box office. The movie has often been described as an underappreciated classic western because it did not do well at movie theatres but had an outstanding storyline, suspenseful timing and superb acting. Unlike action westerns of the time, “The Gunfighter” doesn’t have a lot of shooting and stunts which was the norm. Plus most of the western takes place in one location – the saloon. Nevertheless, “The Gunfighter” did make a lasting impression on the genre, having opened the door to the psychological western that became increasingly popular afterwards. One of the most famous psychological westerns to be made after this was
High Noon.”


The Gunfighter
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Gregory Peck stars as Jimmy Ringo, a lightning-fast gunfighter who can’t escape his reputation. When he comes back to town to see his old love interest, he tries to start a new life, but can he?

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