The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

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DirectorJohn Ford
Key CastJohn Wayne, James Stewart, Vera Miles, Lee Marvin, Edmond O’Brien, Andy Devine, Ken Murray, John Carradine, Jeanette Nolan
MPAA RatingNot Rated
Film TypeBlack and White
Genre(s)Western, Drama
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When the legend becomes fact, print the legend!

The western has always relied on larger-than-life heroes who are willing to courageously fight against evil and sacrifice themselves and their happiness for the greater good.
In “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” we find such a hero in John Wayne’s character, Tom Doniphon.
The people in town barely knew Doniphon. He was a nobody. But long ago, he was the man who stopped an evil gunman named Liberty Valance (Lee Marvin) from killing a man who would go on to become a famous United States Senator and pivotal in helping the local territory become a state
The all-star cast of this legendary classic western includes John Wayne, James Stewart and Lee Marvin. These three men have definitely made their mark on the western movie genre in their stellar careers, having starred in many well-known classic western films.
“The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” is told in a flashback. The movie begins with a train arriving in the small town of Shinbone with U.S. Senator Ransom Stoddard (Jimmy Stewart) and his wife Hallie Stoddard (Vera Miles). The local newspaperman is surprised to see them and finds out that they are in town for the funeral of a relatively unknown man named Tom Doniphon (John Wayne).
Shocked, the local newspaperman wants to know why a U.S. Senator would come to such a small town for the funeral of a man that nobody really knew. With the agreeable consent of his wife, Hallie, the Senator agrees to tell the story about “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.”
Considered one of the greatest western films ever made, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” is a must-see movie for all western fans!
Award-winning director John Ford directed this classic western and it is considered by many critics to be one of the best films that this legendary movie director ever made.

• “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” is considered one of the last great westerns made by director John Ford. John Ford made only two other western movies after this one – a sequence in the epic film “How the West Was Won” and the western movie “Cheyenne Autumn.” Given the storyline about good vs. evil, legend vs. fact and territory vs. statehood, some critics believe that Ford used this film to provide a statement about the western genre and its key themes. More than any other director, John Ford is celebrated for the western movies that he made during his distinguished career, especially his western movie collaborations with John Wayne.
• When “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” was made, John Wayne was 54 years old and Jimmy Stewart was 53 years old. They both play characters in the film that are much younger, so there has always been speculation that the movie was shot in Black and White in order to conceal their real ages. (Apparently, age doesn’t show as much in Black and White.)
• “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” is based on the short story of the same name by Dorothy M. Johnson. The story can be found in her book, Indian Country by Dorothy Johnson, which was first published in 1953. Dorothy Johnson is famous for her western writing. She won the coveted Spur Award from the Western Writers of America for one of her stories in 1957. In 1959, she was made an honorary member of the Blackfoot Indian Tribe. Dorothy Johnson has had three of her western stories made into movies. The first of her stories to be made into a movie was this one, “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” and the other two stories made into western movies were “A Man Called Horse” and “The Hanging Tree.” She is one of only a small group of successful female western writers.
• One of the most often quoted John Wayne expressions is the word “Pilgrim.” The first time that John Wayne ever used this expression was in this classic western film.


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The first time that John Wayne ever used the famous phrase “Pilgrim” was in this western.   Directed by John Ford, this classic western is considered one of the best films that he ever made.   James Stewart, Lee Marvin and Vera Miles co-star with Wayne in this movie.  

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