The Sheepman

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DirectorGeorge Marshall
Key CastGlenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Leslie Nielsen
MPAA RatingApproved
Film TypeColor
Genre(s)Western, Comedy
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Glenn Ford stars in “The Sheepman”, a fifties western that was also released under the title “The Stranger Who Wore a Gun.”

If you want to get run out of cattle country – and fast – try raising sheep in the middle of it! This cattlemen’s fury is what stubborn Jason Sweet (Glenn Ford) must deal with after he arrives in Powder Valley and announces that he is going to raise sheep in the area using public grazing land.
To show the townspeople that he will not be dissuaded from his plans, Sweet beats up gigantic town henchman Jumbo McCall (Mickey Shaughnessy), and shows his handiness with a gun by using a whiskey shot glass and poker chip as props. He also fast- talks the town wise-guy Milt Masters (Edgar Buchanan) out of a rigged horse deal and…well… manages to insult and anger just about everyone else in town.
Local girl, Dell Payton (Shirley McLaine) tries to warn Sweet that he is putting his life in danger, but in the process becomes “sweet” on him. This doesn’t escape the notice of her fiancée, Colonel Stephen Bedford (Leslie Nielsen), who underhandedly seems to be the man running everyone and everything in town.
This family movie is very much an entertaining western for genre fans.
“The Sheepman” is a sure winner with Glenn Ford, Leslie Nielsen, Shirley McLaine and a host of other familiar western movie stars.

• William Bowers and James Edward Grant were nominated for Academy Awards for their screenplay for “The Sheepman.” They are both veteran western movie writers, having won or been nominated for many major film writing awards.
• James Edward Grant won two prestigious Western Heritage Awards for writing the screenplays for highly-acclaimed westerns “The Comancheros” and “The Alamo.” He also has written the scripts for many famous cowboy westerns, including “McLintock” and “The Last Wagon.”
• William Bowers wrote the screenplay for another tongue-in-cheek western, “Support Your Local Sheriff” starring James Garner. He was nominated for two Academy Awards for his screenplays for the cowboy westerns “The Sheepman” and “The Gunfighter.” Bowers wrote scripts for 56 movies and television shows during his lengthy entertainment industry career.
• “The Sheepman” was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Writing, Screenplay for William Bowers and James Edward Grant.


The Sheepman Movie DVD

Glenn Ford arrives in town and manages to irritate everyone in the community. But, the worst is yet to come when he announces that he intends to raise sheep in the middle of cattle country. The townspeople just aren’t going to let it happen, especially local town boss Colonel Bedford (Leslie Nielsen).

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