Wanted: Dead or Alive TV Show

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Original Air Dates1958 - 1961
Key CastSteve McQueen
Genre(s)TV Show
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Steve McQueen stars as a cool bounty hunter in “Wanted: Dead or Alive”

“Wanted: Dead or Alive” was an action-packed western starring Steve McQueen. His portrayal of the tough, man-of-few words, yet cool bounty hunter Josh Randall impressed audiences and launched Steve McQueen’s legendary movie career.
Set during the late 1800s, Randall went from one small town to another looking for bounties. The show typically began with Randall eyeing a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster before stalking the wanted criminal. Everywhere he went, Randall had to also deal with the local townspeople’s disapproval who looked down on people in his profession, but this didn’t faze Randall. He was determined to get his man and make his living.
Randall’s trademark (because all tough guys in old westerns had a trademark), was a sawed-off rifle that he wore on his side. He used this gun adeptly like a regular pistol or, when necessary, like a rifle. The smooth-with-a-gun bounty hunter affectionately referred to his side-strapped weapon as his “Mare’s leg.”
“Wanted: Dead or Alive” originally aired on television for three years with a total of 94 episodes being made. The series could have gone for many more seasons, but the star, Steve McQueen, didn’t want to do the show anymore. His movie career was in full bloom and McQueen decided to focus on the big screen instead of the small one.
“Wanted: Dead or Alive” is a classic western with lots of action that shows the beginning of the strong, loner-type persona that Steve McQueen became famous for depicting in movies.
McQueen’s intense acting style takes this western to another level making “Wanted: Dead or Alive” an action western favorite.
• The inspiration for “Wanted: Dead or Alive” came from an episode on another western television series at the time named “Trackdown.” Steve McQueen starred in the episode on “Trackdown” that eventually become “Wanted: Dead or Alive.” (“Trackdown” was a late fifties western starring Robert Culp as a Texas Ranger.)
• It is reported that Steve McQueen practiced constantly with his “Mare’s leg” rifle in order to look more comfortable and natural using it on the show.
• Steve McQueen starred in the classic movie western “The Magnificent Seven” after he started making “Wanted: Dead or Alive.” There is a longstanding story that in order to star in “The Magnificent Seven,” Steve McQueen had to figure out a way to temporarily get out of shooting for “Wanted: Dead or Alive” because the shooting schedules conflicted. So, McQueen faked a car crash which would legally stop production of his television show. While he was recuperating from a “terrible car accident,” Steve McQueen then went to Mexico to make “The Magnificent Seven” western.

The Complete Series DVD

Wanted: Dead or Alive The Complete Series DVD

This special DVD set contains every episode from the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” western TV show starring Steve McQueen.   There are 11 DVDs in this exclusive studio-released collection.  

Season 1 DVD

Wanted: Dead or Alive Season 1 DVD

This DVD set contains all of the episodes from the first season of “Wanted: Dead or Alive” starring Steve McQueen.  

Season 2 DVD

Wanted: Dead or Alive Season 2 DVD

This is a Season 2 DVD set for the western series containing all of the episodes from this year.

Season 3 DVD

Wanted: Dead or Alive Season 3 DVD

Season 3 was the last season for “Wanted: Dead or Alive.” This DVD set contains all of the episodes from this final season.   James Coburn guest stars in the first episode of this season named “The Trial.”  

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