Zorro TV Show

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Original Air Dates1957 - 1959
Key CastGuy Williams, Gene Sheldon, Henry Calvin, Don Diamond, George Lewis
Genre(s)TV Show
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Guy Williams stars as Swashbuckling Hero “Zorro.”

This Walt Disney produced television western starred Guy Williams as masked swashbuckler “Zorro.” Set during 1820 in Spanish California, “Zorro” was about a western hero who used a sword instead of a six-gun. His mission was to “…To Right Every Wrong.”
The backstory to “Zorro” was that young Don Diego de la Vega (played by Guy Williams) was summoned home by his father because ruthless Captain Monasterio had seized control over the local community and was tormenting the people. His father, Don Alejandro (played by George J. Lewis) thought that his son would come and fight for them. Instead, the father is deeply disappointed. His son arrives and appears to be a weakling disinterested in local affairs. What the father doesn’t know is that the son pretends to be disinterested in order to protect his father and hide his real plan to protect the people.
Don Diego is actually a master swordsman who secretly transforms himself into “Zorro,” a mysterious black-clad fighter who leaves his trademark “Z” wherever he goes. The only person who knows Zorro’s real identity is his faithful servant Bernardo (played by Gene Sheldon) who helps take care of his horses and secret hiding place.
Motivated by integrity, justice and honor, “Zorro” was a Latin Robin Hood who became an enormously popular TV star in the late fifties. In every episode, “Zorro” would undermine the evil intentions of Captain Monasterio (played by Britt Lomond) and see that justice was served.
“Zorro” originally aired on television from October, 1957 to September, 1959, for a total of 117 episodes. The show was a half hour long and was filmed in black and white. After its original television run, Walt Disney continued to air episodes of “Zorro” on the Disney channel for many years afterwards.
• After Guy Williams was selected to star as “Zorro,” Disney immediately arranged for him to take fencing lessons. His tutor was master fencer Fred Cavens who was also the same man who trained Douglas Fairbanks and Tyrone Power when they starred as Zorro in movies. Reports are that Guy Williams enjoyed fencing and eventually became one of Hollywood’s most adept fencers.
• After “Zorro” ended, Guy Williams starred in a number of episodes for the famous western TV show “Bonanza.” In the show, he was Ben Cartwright’s cousin, Will Cartwright. Williams appeared in five episodes as the cousin and they originally aired in 1964. Guy Williams also starred in another successful television series named “Lost in Space.” He played the role of Professor John Robinson in this TV series that ran from 1965 to 1968.
• While “Zorro” was on television, Dell comics made 15 issues of a comic book series named “Zorro” that was done in conjunction with Disney. (Click here to see the availability of these Zorro Dell Comics at Ebay.)

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